Monday, November 22, 2010

short and sweet

If you have a minute digest these words from God.

Do not remove sin from me...
Remove me from sin.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The million dollar question...

I'm going to take a minute and share with you what is coming up in my blog. I am going to take the next few weeks and study a question that I have been pondering for a while, and am struggling with in my own life. The question being, "how do you understand what God's purpose is for your life?" I am sure that many many many of us have asked this question more than once in our lives! And with all the different opinions on the answer to this question I want construct a concrete answer instead of a opinion based on feelings and thoughts. I am going to take a very biblical approach to this question. If any of you reading this have a more specific question within the topic of "God's purpose" leave a comment (either on facebook or the blog) and I'll do my best to answer them inside of my own answer. Please don't be shy to toss a question out there. I want to hear what everyone else is thinking and asking, and I hope that maybe we can end some confusion together. This shall be an adventure...

peace + love = jesus

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Devil comes to lie, cheat, steal, and........distract?

If you have a minuet get distracted. I must begin by confessing that I struggle with distraction. This disease, if I can be so harsh to call it, has recently infected my being. According to my Mac dictionary distraction is defined as this, "a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else." Upon reading this I decided to ask myself the obvious question...what am I getting distracted from? It is easy to know when and what is distracting me, but to be distracted you must have a "something else" to be taken away from. What is your "something else?" On a small scale it is easy to identify. Maybe the facebook is taking your attention away from homework. But on a large scale, on a life sized scale, it may not be so easy to identify. How many times in our lives to we find ourselves, and others, asking, "what is God purpose/plan for my life?" I would suggest to you that the reason we are so often asking this questions is because something is taking our full attention away from it. You see the Devil does not need to remove God's plan from our lives. He only needs to simply take way our attention...our focus. How many times in our lives are we living in the distraction the Devil has dangled in front of us? Are you living in it right now?

If one of the many definitions of sin is, "missing the mark" is it possible to declare distraction as a sin? Are the distractions the Devil uses causing you to miss your mark? Let us all not be so naive towards what I believe to be one of the Devil's most powerful tools. So if you feel that you are being distracted ask yourself what you are being distraction from. Focus your attention back to your something else.

peace + love = jesus

Monday, June 28, 2010

Who said that it was going to be easy? Seriously I want to know...

if you have a minute think about this with me. I was hit with a harsh reality a few weeks ago. I was caught in the notion that:

hard = wrong
easy = right

My wonderful wife to be pointed out how ridiculous this is. Why do we, or maybe just me, bring to question the purpose of something as soon as it becomes a challenge? I would even be so bold to say that Christians might be the worst at doing this. If you disagree leave me a comment and I'll gladly debate with you. I say this because I think that somewhere in the evolution of Christianity we, pathetic humans, decided that God makes our lives easy. This is far from the truth. Who said that following God is a walk in the park. In fact the bible is full of warnings of the opposite. So why are we so quick to get angry at God when things get tough? And even go as far as to think, "This must not be God's purpose for me because it is to difficult." He warned us that it was going to be this way. Why should Christians be so rich as to not suffer? We are called to a life of hardship and suffering, but we have the most glorious reward waiting for us; eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven. So the next time you start to bring to question if something is actually God's plan because it is challenging I have one suggestion. STOP!!! And rejoice in your suffering because God is with you.

peace + love = jesus

Thursday, June 24, 2010

that's when humility kicks in...

If you have a minute share in my stupidity. I have to admit that I love to learn. I did not truly discover this until Bible College, but non-the-less I did discover it. Every once in a while when I am reading a book, or listening to a professor, I come across something I did not know...ok maybe "once in a while" is an understatement. I learn things all the time, but what I am talking about are those little facts that hit you like, "I bet everyone else already knows this and I'm really dumb for not." During these moments I like to stop and admire my lack of intelligence. And that's when humility kicks in. Because of this admiration of my intelligence I seem to hold on to those facts tighter then others. They become apart of my intelligence, instead of just water socked into the sponge that will soon be squeezed out. These are the facts I remember the best. So I came to the conclusion that there must be a reason for my stupidity. Maybe God needs me to remember those facts over others because they are going to be very important to my life. So the next time you feel stupid just remember that God can use your stupidity.

peace + love = jesus

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my intentions

If you have a minute consider this...I am usually appalled at how people use blogs to air-out their dirty laundry for the world to see. Many people can get hurt in such a process. My intention is to keep any private issues in there proper setting. This blog, however, is a place for thoughts. A place to empty my head of long pondered theories and ideas. And I would love if you (world) would join in the sharing of such things. I do not intend for anything negative, harsh, degrading...etc, to be brought into this place. Rather, only the good and truthful my find a chamber here.

these are my intentions...these are my thoughts.

peace + love = jesus